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D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) Repair

The Hub Bike Co-op strives to empower people to take control of their own repairs and maintenance, and that's why we offer multiple ways to Do It Yourself!

If you want to work on your own bike, but don’t have the tools or the space, you can come to The Hub to take advantage of our D.I.Y. space at our Minnehaha location or our various Open Shop nights.

Tools can also be purchased through our online store. We also have some maintenance resources available here on our website--check them out and be empowered by your repair skills!

D.I.Y. Corner at 3020 Minnehaha

Our South Minneapolis location is set up with 1 work stand and a collection of general and bike-specific tools to help you get your bike in the best shape possible. The D.I.Y. space has repair manuals on hand for reference. We do not have staff to go through every step or finish your repairs, but if you find that you need some parts while you’re working, we are only a few steps away.

The D.I.Y. shop is $5 per half hour

Click here for a list of available tools at our D.I.Y. repair benches.

Please check-in with our sales staff if you would like to utilize our D.I.Y. space.

Study Hall

Our brand new addition to our DIY offerings at the Hub. The Hub's Study Hall is where you can use our fully set up repair benches and stands to work on your bike. A mechanic will be available to answer questions or give advice on what you're working on. This is a great space for folks who recently took a class and are looking to practice their skills. This space is highly recommended for smaller projects, or larger projects done over a few Study Halls.
We have five benches available to work on, but only two will be available for prior reservation through Eventbrite. The rest will be walk-in only.

Study Hall is $15 per hour

If you reserve bench time, please overestimate the amount of time you will be working on your bike. If you run out of time you may be able to continue to use of the bench, but only if one is available.  When time runs out, and there is no benches available, you will be added to the walk-in wait list. Typically folks have been using all three hours or at the minimum two hours. Highly recommend showing up early for Walk-Ins or reserving the hours ahead.

Please note the mechanic on staff is not allowed to work directly on bikes in the Study Hall space due to liability, but will assist you with any questions or advise you appropriately.

In addition to the tools on the board, these following tools are available for use during Study Hall:
- Crown Race Puller
- Crown Race Setter and Adapters
- Crown Race Cutting Tool
- Brake Mount Facing Tool
- Star- Nut Setting Tool
- Headset/Bottom Bracket Press
- Breaker Bar- Files
- Thread Taps
- Bottom Bracket Facing and Tapping Tool

(All Tools Above Require A Valid ID and Credit Card to be used and can only be used under the supervision of the Study Hall Mechanic)

Grease Rag Open Shop

The Hub hosts a free Grease Rag Open Shop on the 4th Thursday at our Minnehaha Location. This is a FTW-only, do-it-yourself, facilitated bike repair and use of the space is free and bike tools are available for you to use. 

WHEN: the 4th Thursday of each month, 6-8pm

WHERE: Our Minnehaha Location

Grease Rag attendees get a 10% discount on purchase of components/parts. Parts can be purchased ahead of time.

The Hub Grease Rag Open Shop has 5 stands/benches available to use on a first come first serve basis. Single stall, gender neutral, ADA compliant restroom is available for your use. Feel free to bring in a project to work on, come to help, or even just to hang out. You do not need prior mechanical knowledge to attend. You will be doing all of your own work, so be prepared to get in touch with your bicycle. Remember to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty! Cleaning stations and nitrile gloves will be provided.

Types of projects that you may work on

  • Flats & Tires
  • Shifting adjustments
  • Tube and tire change
  • Brake adjustments
  • Safety checks
  • Minor adjustments
  • Chain replacements
  • Accessory Installations
  • Lube & oil

Check our calendar or Grease Rag's facebook page for the latest updates.

Attendees and facilitators are encouraged to wear masks, but not required. See our updated Covid Guidelines here.

What is Grease Rag? Grease Rag's mission is to encourage and empower FTW (Femme/Trans/Women, Non-Binary, Two-Spirit) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights, and educational seminars in a Safer Space.

Interested in DIY at home?

We sell the right tools for that! Both of our shop locations have a variety of tools and other resources available for purchase, so that you can work on your bicycle on your own! Check out our web store to browse shop supplies--you can utilize free in-store pick-up at our 3016 Minnehaha Ave location, or have your order sent to your home!

If you are not sure which tool is the correct one, we recommend you come to our shop and get advice from our mechanics.

Shop Tools Now:

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