Our Mission: "All Types of Bikes For All Types of People"

These nine simple words inform nearly everything we seek to accomplish at The Hub Bicycle Co-op. While we're passionate and knowledgeable about anything from vintage and classic to the latest and greatest in cycling technology and gear, we're more interested in whatever bike is going to motivate you to ride. 

Whether your bike is a rusted, trusted, old three-speed overflowing with sentimental value, or a featherlight carbon speed machine, The Hub understands why you love it, because it's the same reason we love our own bicycles! They're your means transportation, your escape, your faithful steed. No matter who you are, our goal is to find that bike for you. 

Community Giving

The Hub is firmly committed to donating labor, money, and merchandise in order to support various community initiatives throughout the year.  We dedicate a portion of our profits to supporting the cycling community, the community at large, and our environment.

Enriching Community

As a cooperatively-owned business, we seek to enrich community rather than extract from it.  We have programs and policies in place to make sure that The Hub is a contributing member of the urban landscape.

We believe you should Shop Co-op, because in doing so you are helping to enrich the community.

Space For All

We provide supportive space that is welcoming and respectful to workers and customers of all genders and cultures. All languages are welcome at our shops.

Hubsters after a General (all-staff) Meeting in May 2017

Worker-Owned, Democratically Run.

No outside board of directors or investors make decisions that affect the lives of employees.

We are an egalitarian workplace with no closed door meetings (except as required by labor laws). All workers have opportunities to vote on different aspects of the business, and have equal access to information.

Balanced Staffing

We aim to have a balanced staff that reflects our community and creates opportunities for employment within the community.

Supporting Our Workers

The workforce has been marginalized in today’s economy. The Hub Bike Co-op was created in direct response to a profit-first mentality. We believe you should Shop Co-op because in doing so, you will help support workers.

2019 Staff on a chilly morning in April

Green Business Practices

We started The Hub Bicycle Co-op with the environment in mind. We have always focused on reducing waste and pollution. We recycle a huge variety of materials and want to help others do the same.

  • We recycle tires and tubes leftover from our repairs and are now offering this service to you. We will take limited quantities of tires and tubes with any purchase.
  • We use post-consumer, recycled paper products.
  • Metal is separated and taken to the scrap yard.
  • Paper and Plastic waste is separated and recycled.
  • We use and offer a selection of plant-based chain lubricants and biodegradable grease.
  • The vast majority of Hub staff rides their bikes daily, all year round. This includes commuting to work, for getting around town, and for fun.