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Custom Bike Fittings

Everyone deserves to feel good on their bike. Whether you’re commuting or touring, riding around the lakes or shredding singletrack, grinding gravel or tearing up the tarmac, we want you to feel comfortable, powerful, and happy on your bike. 

Bike fitting at the Hub is a collaborative process that’s tailored to you. Combining conversation, off-the-bike physical assessment, and time on the trainer with your bike, we work together to find a position that’s right for your body and your riding. We then make adjustments to the bike to support that position. 

Schedule Your Fitting

Have any additional questions? Ready to schedule your bike fitting? Email to get started


New clients: $182

  • $50 off within 90 days of buying a new bike at the Hub for new clients!

Returning clients: $78

Our pricing structure includes a follow up appointment and reduced costs for sessions beyond that follow up. We want to ensure that you feel good on your bike as you adapt to the changes we’ve made and reach for any goals you’ve set for yourself.

What's included?

For those who thrive on the details, here’s a more specific list of what we cover.

Riding style, length, frequency, & goals
Existing and previous discomforts/injuries
Flexibility/mobility & anatomical asymmetries
Shoes, cleat & pedal adjustment
Saddle selection, height, fore, aft, & tilt
Handlebar selection, width, drop, roll, rise, & sweep
Brake & shift lever position
Stem height, length & rise/drop
Handlebar tape/grips
MTB: suspension setup
Other considerations: e.g. accessories that may be causing issues