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Winter Labor Sale pricing flier showing discounted labor prices through January 31st, with an image of a rider doing a wheelie in the snow in the background.
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The Hub on Oak Street 

U of M Bike Center
401 SE Oak St, Minneapolis, MN  55414

Mon-Fri 10-6
Sat-Sun 12-6

The Hub at the University of Minnesota Bike Center is on campus and on-budget. You'll find us slingin' wrenches daily inside the Oak Street Parking ramp. We are a full service shop open to everyone and offer same day flat fixes, scheduled tune ups, and other maintenance. We also have a selection of parts, accessories and other riding gear, and bicycles for you to browse.

University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty receive a 10% discount here!

More about the University Bike Center shop

"All types of bikes for all types of people."

The Hub is a worker-owned cooperative and democratically-run workplace. We provide friendly, top-notch sales and repair services to all cyclists. 

We also offer bicycle fitting, bicycle repair classes, used bikes and parts, D.I.Y. repair stands, open shop events, and group rides.

Learn more about our mission.

Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to browse bikes and gear.

Please call, email, or stop in for the most up to date information on what's in stock. Thanks!

Annual Winter Labor Sale NOW through January 31!

- Any full overhaul package is $65 off
- 50% off labor on custom wheel build services
- 25% off labor on suspension and hydraulic brake services

Winter months are the best time to bring your bike into the shop for maintenance for many reasons:
  • No long lines at the shop 
  • Shorter turn-around time in repair queue (currently scheduling 1-week turnarounds from the day the bike's brought in; updated Nov 30, 2023)
  • Bring in your "summer bike" for ongoing annual maintenance while you're riding your "winter bike."
  • You may not be riding in the winter, so you don't need your bike for a day or two.
  • If you are riding in the winter (high five!), your bike could probably use a cleaning and fresh lubrication, anyways! If a full overhaul isn't right for you, ask a mechanic about our Clean & Lube package deals!
  • Cables can become extra sticky with lower outside temps--let us lubricate or replace them for a more efficient and safer operating bicycle!

Bicycle Maintenance Classes

Our newly dedicated Education space is ready for classes with up to 5 students with recommended physical distancing in mind. Have you been interested in learning how to work on your own bike? Our classes are useful for simple adjustments, as well as complicated overhaul and wheel builds. Click here to learn more about the course descriptions and register via our web store today!

Register Online

Repair Services

Used Bikes

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D.I.Y. Repair

Our DIY benches are currently closed.

Shop Now:

$249.00 - $379.00
$343.00 - $379.00
$1,899.00 - $2,399.00
$899.00 - $949.00
$299.00 - $439.00
$249.00 - $379.00
$343.00 - $399.00

All Online Sales to be picked up at Oak Street Location

Beginning October 1st, all online sales will be picked up at our 401 SE Oak Street location

Please wait for confirmation that your order is ready for pickup before heading to the store.


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