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Classes at The Hub

Classes are held at the Hub’s 401 S Oak St (unless otherwise noted). Most classes are limited to three people, so students receive quality attention. Be sure to bring your bike and a set of clothes that you don’t mind getting greasy! See below for detailed descriptions and prices.

The Hub's Education Department is also officially recognized as a Park Tool School!

How to Sign Up:

Registration and waitlist for full classes are on our Eventbrite page

We require an adult (18 years old or older) to accompany those who are 15 years old and younger. The registration fee covers the bench you work at, meaning the adult can work on the same bike/project as the minor with same registration fee. Another registration is required if the adult would like to work on their own project/bike.

Email any questions to

Fix-a-Flat Classes - $9.25

This hour-long class is designed to keep you on your bike and enjoying your ride! This course covers tools needed to fix a flat, how to identify its cause, and techniques for making the whole process quick and painless. Bring a bike to practice on and wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty. These classes are free of charge. Note: this class is for tubed tires only!

Half of the registration for this class goes towards the Hub’s Education Fund. The Fund’s purpose is to make all of our classes financially accessible.  If the registration for this class is not financially accessible, please email at

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Introduction to Basic Maintenance - $54

This course is intended for students with little to no prior bike maintenance or repair experience, and is intended as a platform for you to gain the foundational knowledge necessary to keep your bike riding smoothly and safely. This course covers:  bike anatomy; wheel, tire, and tube removal; essential troubleshooting techniques with cable actuated brake and shifting systems. Bring your bike to work on and wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty. PLUS, students of this course get 10% off shop supplies/tools day of class!

This class also covers what we teach in the Fix-a-Flat Class!

This Fall Quarter we will not be accepting Hub Education Fund requests for this course, as the fund is in it’s fledgling stage.  The Hub Education Fund receives fund via half the registration from our Fix-A-Flat course to make our classes financially accessible.

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Winter Riding Seminar - FREE!

This FREE hour-long seminar is designed to take the mystery out of successful and FUN winter bicycling. We’ll spend time discussing the equipment and techniques that will get you out riding more in the winter months, as well as clothing and nutrition choices that will help improve comfort. Whether you are a seasoned winter riding veteran or just thinking about giving it a try, stop in to get prepared!  

This course is taught seasonally, usually in autumn and early winter. Register for the upcoming seminars here

How to Lock Your Bike Seminar - FREE!

In this FREE one hour seminar, we will talk about how to properly lock up your bike to avoid joining the number of people who get their bike stolen each year.
We will also talk about:
- Different Locks and their Pros & Cons
- Other Bike Security Accessories
- Choosing a Bike Parking location
- How to be prepared in the chance theft occurs
We will also have a Q & A portion to ask any other bike security questions Sign up here

Custom Classes & Private Lessons - $100/hour

This is your opportunity to learn more advanced skills, work around your busy schedule or just get some one-on-one instruction from professional industry veterans. Classes are a mix of lecture, demonstration and hands-on skills development as you will be learn the proper procedure for maintaining any part of you bike. Potential class topics include but are not limited to: internal hub service, hydraulic brake service, suspension service, lighting systems, computer integration, fit adjustments and more. 

Bring your bike to work on and wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty. PLUS, students of this course get 10% off shop supplies/tools day of class! You will leave this class with a customized list of tools and supplies for your specific needs and a better understanding of how to keep your bike working at peak performance.

Email: for more information or to request a custom class or private lesson. Not all ideas will be possible, but it won’t hurt to ask!

The Hub Education Fund

What is it?

The Education Fund (soft launching Winter Quarter 2023) is for those seeking to take our maintenance classes, but do not have the financial means to pay for the classes. Prospective students contact the external education coordinator to request assistance, whether that be the entire registration or partial. There is no income or state government assistance verification, this is an on-faith program. The fund receives money through proceeds of our Fix-A-Flat classes.

What classes qualify for assistance?

Classes in the description will state if they are eligible for Education Fund assistance.

How do people contact the Education Coordinator?

Send an email to with the following:
Phone Number
Class Date they´re wishing to attend
The Amount of Assistance They Need

Please note how many spots are available before requesting assistance for the class. We also hold the right to deny assistance that include but not limited to inadequate funds and/or suspected abuse of the financial assistance.The assistance is just for registration and not towards parts needed (ex. rims, spokes, or hubs needed for Wheel Building)


"I was completely satisfied - if anything, I learned more than I expected : ) "
(Basic Maintenance Class)

"Everything was great. It was a great intro class, covering everything I could manage to maintain myself. I'm definitely using this knowledge the rest of the year."
(Basic Maintenance Class)

"I felt like I learned so much, but not too much for my first time. I'm definitely going to take the next level class. I really enjoyed this!! : )"
(Basic Maintenance Class)

"Explained material w/ both technical & lay vocab. Good about correcting tech. language use. I liked that she used our bikes for demo. I wish I had learned to true wheels - but I'll just do the next class! Excellent!"
(Basic Maintenance Class)

"I learned a great amount of terminology, which was appreciated. There were a great collection of examples. It was very well planned. The class size was awesome! More topics would have been overwhelming. I think this was just right. Thank you so much."
(Complete Tune)

Hub Education Refund and Class Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are transferable and/or refundable with at least 1 week (7 calendar days) notice before the date of class.
Transfers may be accommodated with less than 1 week notice only if a comparable class has openings available.
For two-session classes, students must complete first session before attending the second.
The second session of a two part class can be rescheduled, with at least 48 hour notice, to the next available second session of the same class.
All two-session classes must be canceled as a pair.
Classes may be cancelled only if fewer than 2 paying students are registered.
Classes will be officially cancelled at least 48 hours before start date.
Any students that have registered and paid for a class that is cancelled are to be offered either a refund or transfer to a future class, whichever they prefer.