Used Bikes and Gear

The Hub Bike Co-op offers a wide variety of used bikes, components and accessories as part of our commitment to sustainability and our creed of providing "All Types of Bikes For all Types of People." We offer used products exclusively at our 3016 Minnehaha Ave shop.

We have a large range of pre-owned complete bikes, from budget-friendly road and mountain bikes to high-end speed machines. We also stock used children's bicycles, tandems, cargo bikes, BMX bikes, trail-a-bikes and bike trailers. 

*Note - Photo is not a reflection of our current stock. Please call for up-to-date information about our used selection, or better yet, stop by the store and check out our selection yourself!

The Salvage Yard

Our Salvage Yard is a goldmine for experienced crate-diggers and newbies alike. We stock a variety of used components, including wheelsets, saddles, hubs, brakes, and more. The Salvage Yard is also a great place to find used accessories like fenders, racks, pumps, trainers, repair stands, and even apparel. 

*Note - Photo is not a reflection of our current stock. Please call for up-to-date information about our used selection.

Used Buying and Trade-Ins

The Hub Bike Co-op buys bike shop quality used bicycles and components at our 3016 Minnehaha Ave location.

We do not accept department store level bicycles (Huffy, Magna, Next, etc), nor bicycles that have been spray painted or that have had their serial number defaced in any way. Please note that our staff will use their professional discretion and may deny a trade-in appraisal for any reason.

The Hub offers payment for used bicycles in the form of a check or store credit. We are required by the City of Minneapolis to make a copy of your State-Issued ID for this transaction. Used components may only be exchanged for store credit (no ID required).

If you are interested in a check, there is a 30-day waiting period as the bicycle clears through the Minneapolis stolen bike database. We can either mail the check to you when the bicycle clears, or we can call you and you can come pick up the check yourself, if you prefer.

If you are interested in store credit for your bicycle, we can issue it to your account right away to be used at any of our stores. Store credit payments are generally 15% above what we can offer in a check. 

Unfortunately there are too many variables in assessing a bike and componentry for us to be able to give any type of estimate or offer over the phone. If you are unsure if you have a department store bike or not please, give us a call and our staff can advise you.