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10 Reasons to Buy a Cargo E-BikeAbove Image: Momentum's Pak Yak e-Bike, sold at the Hub! Click the image to read a review, or check out Momentum's 10 Reasons to Buy a Cargo E-Bike

E-Bikes: What to Know

So you are thinking about getting an e-Bike? That is exciting! We at the Hub are seeing more and more folks in the Twin Cities choosing e-Bikes and are excited to be a part of your journey into electric two wheels.

E-Bikes have the potential to improve one's life in many ways. They can increase accessibility for folks getting to and from work, school, or other activities without the use of a car. They can encourage more bike mobility for people who may have muscle/joint pain or other health concerns that prevent them from traditional biking. Lastly, e-Bikes are fun!

Below we have compiled various resources regarding e-Bike safety, selection, maintenance, and benefits. Take a look, and if you have further questions, come visit us at our Minnehaha location (and maybe even test ride a few bikes while you are here!)

Choosing an E-Bike

E-Bike Safety

2024 Tax Credits for E-Bikes in MN

E-Bikes at The Hub

Check out the bikes we offer below!

$2,200.00 - $2,750.00
$1,899.00 - $2,400.00
$1,599.00 - $1,799.95

Call2Recycle: E-Bike Battery Recycling Program

One day, your e-bike battery will reach its end of life. When that time comes, that battery needs to be specially handled to keep the environment, people, and property safe. It should not be put in a trash or recycling bin.

As participants in Call2Recycle's E-Bike Battery program, we at the Hub are able to recycle E-Bike batteries from select brands.

Have an e-bike battery to recycle?

Check to ensure the brand is participating in the program and then find a drop off location here.

If not on the list, please contact the manufacturer for their recycling solution.

Repair Services

We offer services on Class I, Class II, and Class III eBikes.

We offer full service on many brands, but if we are not a dealer for a specific brand, we will not be able to get tools and parts for proprietary components. Ask our service staff for details.

Systems that we cannot service:
- Conversion kits
- Electric scooters
- Gas engines

If you have any questions about whether or not we can work on your bike, please give us a call at 612-729-0437 or visit our shop!

To learn more about our repair services, click here.