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The Hub's Statement on Anti-Racism and Social Injustice in Our Community

The Hub Bike Co-op was founded as a resource to keep bicycling a sustainable and accessible form of alternative transportation. Our work toward global climate change cannot fully be realized without equity for all, including our Black and Indigenous community members. 

We are grief-stricken and outraged by the killing of George Floyd and stand with those who are fighting for justice around police brutality and systematic racism. We are also heartbroken for damage that has been sustained by our communities and neighbors. As a cooperative we are working on a detailed action plan to support our community and address the police violence and racial injustices that our city faces.

Resources for Support & Outreach

We are endlessly grateful for the support and elbow grease that went into helping us resume services following uprising in our neighborhood, and deeply appreciate the continued offers of support.  You can help us by checking out, donating to, and sharing the following community resources and organizations listed below.

Community Resources:

Cycling-Specific Organizations & Resources:

The Hub Cycling Team put out a statement sharing many additional local resources where your support and donations may be directed. We are proud to put our name and our backing behind a diverse team of riders who are upstanding and active members of their community who promote space and visibility for athletes of color at the races and events they attend.

Steps The Hub is taking around Minneapolis Police Department

The Hub Bike Co-op fully supports and stands in solidarity with the organizations and entities that have severed ties with the Minneapolis Police Department, including the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Public Schools K-12, Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Minneapolis Parks Board, First Avenue, Minnesota Orchestra, and others.

The foundation of The Hub has always been buying and selling used bikes, and this continues to be a vital way in which we support our community and the environment by diverting gently used items from the landfill and offering affordable and quality used bikes for purchase.

In order to buy and sell used bikes, The Hub is required by the City of Minneapolis to comply with the Minneapolis Police Department and run every second hand bike we purchase through an automated reporting database to check for stolen bikes. Our in-shop interaction with the police department is infrequent, but it is a requirement of our license with the city to sell used bicycles. We are working with the Minneapolis City Council to remove the police role in reporting and replace it with a non-violent (non-police), community-based alternative.

Community alternatives to police:

Action Steps

The Hub Bike Co-op commits to taking the following actions to support community organizations and projects towards racial justice and equity:

We call on the City of Minneapolis to surrender the 3rd Precinct building and property to the community. We believe that space can be transformed into something that truly serves our neighborhood and community, and that alternative development proposals should be led by our BIPOC neighbors. The Hub is committed to supporting those initiatives through direct and financial aid, and contributing to those developments where our skills and mission can provide a positive impact. We have submitted a request to our City Council Rep, Alondra Cano, to this effect, and encourage other Ward 9 (and Ward 12) residents and business owners to do the same.

Since The Hub was founded in 2002, we have set aside jobs in our Service Department for our Apprenticeship Program, aimed at creating space and opportunity for folx who have been marginalized by and within our industry. While we are indebted to this program for the past and present leadership of staff, coordinators, and worker owners who came to The Hub through the apprenticeship program, we have received valuable feedback from past participants highlighting the shortcomings both within the program and our workplace culture. We advocate for other bike shops across the city to invest in similar programs and join us in committing to work directly with relevant community organizations to ensure that these programs are grounded in equity and justice.

Each year, The Hub donates 5% of our profits to community groups who align with our values surrounding alternative transportation, environmental justice, and Cooperative power through our People & the Planet Fund. Our internal committee in charge of those funds will continue to use it to support community efforts whose work aligns with our mission while centering racial justice.


Any questions or additional information about The Hub's grants and donations can be sent directly to our Marketing Coordinator for Outreach & Events: