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COVID-19 Actions and Preparations

Updated 1/13/2021

All of our courses are being offered again, and are being taught in our new designated classroom space at the shop (3020 Minnehaha Ave). All in-person interactions at our shops require a mask or face covering that covers nose and mouth, with exception to those who cannot keep a mask on their face (viz. children). As always, our benches allow for students to all use an individual set of tools that are cleaned before and after each class. The classroom space also allows for maintaining physical distance with Hub workers and community members.

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Hub Bike Co-op Complete Tune-up Class
The course is comprised of two 3-hour sessions. Students use their own bikes for hands-on practice. The class is mix of lecture, demonstration and hands-on skills development as you will be learn the basics of a bicycle tune-up. Class topics include: wheel anatomy and basic truing, hub cone adjustments, brake and derailleur adjustments and basic drive train maintenance. Please come to class with a clean bike and clothes you are prepared to get dirty. PLUS, students of this course get 10% off shop supplies/tools day of class! This class is held at our 3016 Minnehaha Ave location.
Hub Bike Co-op Drivetrain Overhaul Class
This 4 hour class will focus on drivetrain & shifting systems. The class covers removal & reinstallation of the chain, cassette/freewheel, crankset and derailleurs. Customers will also learn how to replace their shift cables & housing (available with a 10% discount). The ideal person for this class has either completed the Complete Tune course (though not required) or someone that is mildly comfortable with simple adjustments on their bike and looking at moving to the next level of wisdom. Bring your bike to work on and wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty. PLUS, students of this course get 10% off shop supplies/tools day of class! Reserve your spot at the Classes section of our Online Catalog! View our upcoming classes on our event calendar. Note: due to varying skill levels & time constraints, students’ bikes may not be 100% tuned up at course completion since the focus is on teaching the skills. This class is offered exclusively at our 3016 Minnehaha Ave. location.
Hub Bike Co-op Intro to Basic Maintenance Class
This course is intended for students with little or no bicycle maintenance experience. This 2-hour course imparts all of the basic wisdom necessary to help you troubleshoot issues with your bicycle. The course covers bike anatomy, wheel removal, tire & tube replacement, cleaning the bike, lubricating the chain, and a Q&A with a Hub mechanic.
Hub Bike Co-op Winter Riding Seminar/Class - Free!
This FREE, hour-long seminar is designed to take the mystery out of successful and FUN winter bicycling. We’ll spend time discussing the equipment and techniques that will get you out riding more in the winter months, as well as clothing and nutrition choices that will help improve comfort. Whether you are a seasoned winter riding veteran or just thinking about giving it a try, stop in to get prepared! PLEASE NOTE: This class is only facilitated at our 3016 Minnehaha Ave location.
Hub Bike Co-op Fix-a-Flat Classes - Free
This FREE hour-long class is designed to keep you on your bike and enjoying your ride! We’ll go over the tools needed to fix your flat, how to identify its cause, and techniques for making the whole process quick and painless. Bring your bike to practice on and wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty. These classes will be held at our Oak St location throughout summer and early fall of 2022.Come and learn to fix your flat! Space is limited, so please register to reserve your free spot! The website doesn't allow for sales of $0.00 classes --- so there is a 0.01 cent charge that is then DISCOUNTED at the check-out for 0.01 -- so you will not be charged anything! It is free! Just weird!
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