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Xtracycle Freeloader Replacement Strap

This strap acts as the tie-down for FreeLoaders to the frame of your LongTail*. *Not compatible with 2007 FreeLoaders >> [more]

Xtracycle FlightDeck

The FlightDeck is made out of 100% post-consumer high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a fancy way of saying it's recycled heavy duty plastic. HPDE is what your plastic cutting board is likely made of, and it makes a great deck for the same reasons: it is waterproof, UV proof, resists… [more]

Xtracycle Stirrups

Xtracycle tried to come up with something clever to call the Stirrups, but they just are what they are: Stirrups! While the U-tubes are great for taller passengers who can reach them, and the Yepp Maxi has footrests built in, there is an awkward age where kids are too big for the seat, but not yet… [more]

Xtracycle Standard Rack Pair

The upright aluminum rack for the FreeRadical. Provides framing and support for FreeLoader bags. >> [more]

Xtracycle U-Tubes - 2015

The U-Tubes started life as a straightforward replacement part for the Hooptie, but we found them so useful we hand to make them their own product. For Families: U-Tubes are stronger and lighter than the RunningBoards (100 grams per side - about the average weight of a hamster). They also have… [more]

Xtracycle '15 EdgeRunner 24D - 2015

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner is the ultimate cargo bike. Designed with a small 20” rear wheel, which lowers the center of gravity for greater stability, improves acceleration from a stop, and makes it easy to load up to three children or cargo weighing up to 250 lbs. The 100% Chromoly steel frame is… [more]

Xtracycle Edgerunner 11i with X1 Bags - 2016

A DIFFERENT TAKE ON THE URBAN COMMUTER Form and function converge on the EdgeRunner 11i. The swept back handlebars keep you upright while riding to your favorite cafe to read a book, or going with your kids to your favorite museum. The low step-over height of the frame, coupled with what may be the… [more]

Xtracycle '15 EdgeRunner 30D

The very best EdgeRunner with a derailer drivetrain, the black 30d is the perfect bike for a sunset expedition to the beach with your partner for a little celebration of life with champagne and fresh oysters. Or get out in nature for some quality time with your kids. The refined 30D is the lightest… [more]

8 Results