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Ortlieb Dry-Bag PS10

Ortlieb Dry-Bag PS10
Image differs from actual product (bags sold individually)
  • Capacity | Color: 1.5L | Light Grey
  • Capacity | Color: 3L | Light Grey
  • Capacity | Color: 7L | Light Grey
  • Capacity | Color: 12L | Light Grey
  • Capacity | Color: 22L | Light Grey
  • Capacity | Color: 1.5L | Black
  • Capacity | Color: 3L | Black
  • Capacity | Color: 7L | Black
  • Capacity | Color: 12L | Black
  • Capacity | Color: 22L | Black
This item is currently not available.


Where can you store dirty laundry, wet socks or toys? PS10 dry bags are the perfect solution. Color coding helps organize and locate items quickly. Each pack displays its volume in liters. Endless storage options inside backpacks or panniers. These robust dry bags store, organize and protect your gear from water, dust and dirt and save you from endless searching.

Further features:
- Broad base loop for easy unpacking
- Reinforced circular base made of folding and abrasion-resistant PS21 fabric

Closure of PS10 dry bags must be rolled at least 5-6 times. Please add 15-20 cm/5-8 in. for the total length.