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The Hub's 18th annual "Used Bike Extravaganza!" is Coming Soon!

Our annual used bike sale is back!
Do you have a used bike that you want to re-home?
Are you looking for a great deal on an awesome new-to-you bike? This is the event for you!

¡Nuestra venta anual de bicicletas usadas está de regreso en un nuevo momento!
¿Tiene una bicicleta usada que desea volver a casa?
¿Estás buscando una gran oferta en una increíble bicicleta nueva para ti? ¡Éste es el evento para ti!  

When:  Saturday, June 10th (10am-6pm) and Sunday, June 11th (12pm-6pm)
Where:  The Hub Bike Co-op, 3016 Minnehaha Ave South
Bike drop-off week:  Monday, May 29th through Friday, June 9th, 2022
"How to Buy a Used Bike" seminar:  Friday, June 9th (at 6:00pm at the Minnehaha location)

Looking to Sell a Bike? Our Extravaganza is an opportunity for customers to sell their bikes and get the full amount in store credit. All bikes must be in safe, rideable condition (besides, the better condition they are in, the faster they sell!). Sellers bring their bikes in the week before the sale to get priced.

Looking to Buy a Bike? For those who are looking, the Extravaganza brings in a wide variety of bikes – from kids’ bikes to cruisers to road bikes and sometimes even a tandem or two! The perfect bike may be waiting for you…Don’t miss out! Bring a helmet for test rides if you have one!

Looking to Volunteer at this event? Volunteers receive $15/hr , lunch and a Hub T-shirt. Please sign up by May 27th to guarantee your shirt size. Sign up here

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The Basics:

Q: When is it happening?

A: Saturday, June 11th (10am-6pm) and Sunday, June 12th (12pm-6pm)


Q: Where:

A: 3016 Minnehaha Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406


Q: Who can participate?

A: This sale is open to the public – whether it's your first time in our shop or you are a seasoned regular! The only requirements are that anyone who wishes to sell a bike needs to be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID.

Q: What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

A: We request that ALL VISITORS TO OUR SHOP - regardless of vaccination status - wear a mask while at our bike shop, including while standing in line or browsing bikes outside. We also encourage social-distancing by household while at our store. COVID protocols are subject to updated guidelines from the CDC and MN Department of Health.

Selling a bike at the Extravaganza:

Q: When can customers bring their bikes in for the weekend?

A: We will be accepting bikes the week and a half before (Monday, May 30th through Friday, June 10th, 2022).


Q: What kind of bikes can be sold at the Extravaganza?

A: All styles of bikes, including road bikes, hybrids, tandems, mountain bikes, children's bikes, trailers, you name it! We ask that the bicycles be bike-shop quality, rather than originally from a department store. Department store bikes (ex. Magna, Mongoose, Vertical, etc.) are not designed to last and don't provide good ride quality. We can make some exceptions for youth bikes (bikes with wheels that are 24” or smaller) which are in good condition. We are happy to help you determine if your bike qualifies.


Q: Do the bikes need to work?

A: Bikes must be in rideable condition. We will not be performing tune-ups on these bikes (unless it is arranged), so it is the customer's responsibility to get safety issues fixed before that weekend.


Q: How will the bike be priced?

A: Customers will ultimately get to choose the price for their bike(s). Staff is available to give advice and help with this process.


Q: Does it cost anything to submit a bike for sale?

A: No! This is a special weekend for our customers. It costs nothing to have your bike sell during the Extravaganza. You will receive 100% of the price in store credit.


Q: What if a bike sells that weekend?

A: Any bike that sells during the Extravaganza will be compensated 100% in store credit. The credit will be issued the week after the sale (it is not available for use during the weekend).


Q: What happens to bikes that do not sell during the event?

A: Bikes are discounted by 10% on the second day of the sale. All sellers are called on Monday and notified whether their bike sold or not, and what their store credit is for those bikes (which isn't available to be used until Tuesday – it cannot be used during the sale). If a bike does not sell, it must be picked up by Friday of the following week. If a seller is interested in trading the bike in, we can look it over and give them our offer.

Buying a bike at the Extravaganza:

Q: What type of bikes will be at the sale?

A: All types of bikes! Historically we've had lots of variety (depending on what people bring in) – including tandems, unique vintage rides, mountain bikes, road bikes, children's bikes, Burley trailers and classic cruisers.


Q: The Extravaganza can be really busy on Saturday morning! The hardest part is waiting in line to test ride the bikes I like.
Is there anything I can do to make this process faster?

A: Please bring your own helmet! We require that all customers wear a helmet for the test rides and we only have a limited number of helmets available at a time.


Q: I have questions about what to look for when buying a used bike. Will there be staff to help me?

A: Yes. There will be staff around who can help answer your questions. We will also be hosting a special workshop the Friday night before the Extravaganza on “How to Buy a Used Bike”. It will be on Friday,June 10th at 6:00 pm at the Minnehaha location, and will include good information about what to look for over the weekend!


Q: I would like to get fenders and a rack installed on the bike I purchase at the UBE.  How much does that cost and how long will it take?

A:  During "UBE" weekend, we can help install accessories, such as fenders and racks, on ALL bikes at no charge!  (We always offer this discount with new bikes, but normally used bikes aren’t included with this labor discount.)  We will have staff working to install these parts as soon as possible (often on-the-spot!), but you may be asked to leave the bike for a day or two depending on how busy we are.

Thank you for your patience! This event takes a lot of work, but is a TON of FUN!

photo from the 2018 Used Bike Extravaganza


Q:  I have a question that isn't answered here. Who do I contact?
A: Call us at (612) 729-0437 or send an email to