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 Bicycle Overnights
Bicycle Overnights | Bikepacking, Bike Camping, Bike Touring

Experience Adventure Differently

By definition, a bicycle overnight trip is a short getaway by bike, spending at least one night away from home. That's it, after that a bicycle overnight is what you want it to be. You can make your bicycle overnight trip as simple, challenging, long, short, social, or solo as you want. The route, mileage, destination and company you keep are all up to you! 

We love bicycle overnights because they offer an exhilarating adventure option to anyone with a bike and a backpack. You can easily turn any evening into a micro adventure. So if you are interested in experiencing travel differently, it’s time to give a bicycle overnight a try.

Prep Your Bike

If you have a bike, you can do an overnight biking adventure. Sure, some bikes are more comfortable or better suited than others, but technically, if there is air in your tires and your bike works well, you are good to go. That being said, if you need a bike or are looking to upgrade, we have you covered. We have plenty of great options for you to choose from and we are happy to offer professional advice to help you make the best choice.

Pro tip:

Some bikes have built-in mounts intended for attaching bags and racks to the frame. These are super handy when it comes to strategizing your plan for carrying your gear.

Life hack:

Take the stress out of shopping for the perfect bike by telling us about the type of riding you are planning on doing. We will get you set up with the bike that you are looking for.

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 Bike WrenchMake an appointment to get your bike serviced before you head out on your adventure.

Plan Your Route

When planning your overnight biking route, it’s important to think about the terrain that you will be covering. Think gravel, pavement or trails. There is no minimum mileage requirement when it comes to overnight biking; this is your trip so make it as short or as long as you like. You can plan a weekend trip, or even a weeknight micro adventure. Pedal off after work, camp, and return to home base the next morning. If you are looking for more inspiration or local routes, our team is happy to make recommendations. We also encourage you to use the helpful resources below to plan out your trip. 

Pro tip:

Service may be spotty so download maps on your Garmin or GPS-enabled smartphone ahead of time. We also recommend bringing a small rechargeable power bank to keep your gadgets juiced up.

Life hack:

After your map is downloaded, switching your smartphone to airplane mode is a great way to prolong the battery life.

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What to Pack

Pro tip:

You can bring a fancy lightweight inflatable camping pad, but foam sleeping pads are lightweight, inexpensive, and durable. The downside is that they tend to be bulky.

Life hack:

You will never regret packing tortillas and nutella.

How to Carry Your Gear

If you own a backpack, you can carry your gear while riding your bike. That being said, there are other options that will save your shoulders from getting achy and sore. For the most comfortable travel, we recommend getting a series of bags for your bike and splitting up your gear.

Pro tip:

Choosing waterproof bags makes for a happier trip.

Life Hack:

It’s perfectly acceptable to have a friend drop your gear off at the camping spot ahead of time for you. This is a great option for first timers and folks with heavier camping gear.

person with bike and tent

Carry Big Things

Large bags such as panniers are great for carrying bigger items like your tent, cookware, and clothes.

people riding bikes with gear bags

Carry Little Things

Dry bags and oversized seat packs are perfect for carrying smaller items such as food, water, utensils, and toiletries.

person with bike and bike frame bags

Carry Bike Things

Smaller bags such as top tube bags and seat bags are ideal for carrying bike things like tubes, tools, and spare parts.

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