The Hub Bike Co-op has been a retailer of products by Bell, Giro, and Blackburn for several years. Last year, these companies were acquired by Vista Outdoor, a company we recently learned supports the National Rifle Association. We want nothing to do with the NRA and its brand of gun advocacy, which runs counter to our mission and values. Most importantly we want you, our customers & friends, to be able to make informed decisions regarding what your hard-earned dollars support.
We have suspended future orders of these products, and will sell through existing inventory until Vista discontinues its support of the NRA; or Vista sells off its brands Giro, Bell, & Blackburn. We are developing solutions regarding current inventory of these products, as we cannot return the products to the vendor. We support the boycott of companies that contribute to the NRA and will provide in-store signage noting products with brand ties to the NRA. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we find alternative cycling products for these brands.
In solidarity,
The Hub Bike Co-op