Spring is finally here to stay, and the Hub is gearing up for another Outdoor Adventure Expo with our friends at Midwest Mountaineering!

We'll be celebrating all weekend long at our 301 Cedar Location with extended hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as a huge storewide sale:

Friday, 4/28 through Sunday, 4/30, everything at our West Bank store is at least 10% off, including complete bikes and special orders! 

In addition to that sale, we'll also be offering a Free Bike Valet for anyone attending the Expo, located on the plaza outside our store. Don't worry about congested bike parking or safety, because we've got you covered! Oh, and don't forget to sign up for our Free Raffle as well, located at our booth inside the Expo tent!

Breaking News: some of our friends at Surly Bikes will be joining us at our booth in the Expo tent from 10am-4pm on Saturday to answer all of your Surly product inquiries!  

Special Extended Hours:

Friday 4/28:  10am-9:30pm

Saturday 4/29:  9am-6:30pm

Sun 4/30:  10am-6pm

In addition to all of the great clinics from Midwest Mountaineering, Hub staff will be leading two seminars to help get you prepped for a summer's worth of riding in the great outdoors. 

Bikepacking Seminar

Saturday,  April 29th, 3:30pm
Midwest Mountaineering Expedition Stage

This seminar, taught by Hub mechanic and MTB Demo Program coordinator Henry with the help of Hub mechanic and recent Baja Divide-destroyer Elena, will help lead folks into the wild world of bikepacking. Here's our short description of what the seminar will cover:

Bikepacking has taken traditional bike touring to more remote locations over more challenging terrain. 

Whether you're looking to explore just a little further down your favorite trail, or experience a long-distance route in some far-off place, bikepacking is an excellent way to access locations that standard touring equipment wouldn’t allow.

Henry Slocum, from The Hub Bicycle Co-op, will discuss essential bikepacking gear, trip planning basics, and some easily accessed destinations to get you ready for a season full of bikepacking adventures!

Bike Commuting Seminar

Sunday, April 30th, 2:15pm

University of Minnesota - Hanson Hall - Room 105

This seminar, taught by Hub mechanic and Koochella Racing team rider Lisa, will give a fun and detailed primer on bike commuting. Here's our short description of what the seminar will cover:

This program will focus on commuting in the Twin Cities as the weather warms up.

You will learn how to dress appropriately for the weather, equip and maintain your bike for changing trail/road conditions, and I will share resources for different routing options in the spring season, transitioning to summer.

This is my favorite time of the year to cruise around and I can't wait to see more butts on bikes this season!

Because of the Expo tent, our validated parking is unavailable Friday, April 28th through Monday, April 31st. Click here for event and parking map.