Repair Services

Repair Services

The Hub is a Full Service Professional Repair Shop. If there is a component or accessory that your need installed, maintained, adjusted, overhauled or replaced we can do it. Please visit us for a free quote on any repair needs that you may have. Labor rates do not include parts costs.

The Hub Complete Tune-Up $75

This includes inspecting all components for damage and wear, wheel truing to 1 mm tolerance, lubing all pivots and cables, adjusting bearing systems (including hubs, bottom bracket and headset), a light drive train clean and lube, adjusting gears, adjusting brakes, airing tires to proper pressure, and a light cleaning of entire bike.

The Hub Deluxe Tune-Up $120

Complete Tune-Up + we pull the entire drive train (derailleurs, chain, cassette or freewheel, and crankset) and clean them in our parts cleaner. Your drive train will come out sparkling clean and will reward you with increased efficiency, better performance, and longer life. Includes labor for replacement of worn drive train components.

The Hub Complete Overhaul $180

Deluxe Tune-up + we completely overhaul every major bearing system: hubs, headset, and bottom bracket. This includes complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection. We pack new bearings with high quality grease, properly reassemble and finish with a precision adjustment. Includes labor for replacement of worn drivetrain parts and new cables and housing.

The Hub Ultimate Overhaul $205

Complete overhaul + bike is stripped to bare frame, checked for proper alignment and corrected, cleaned and waxed. A great time for application of frame saver to protect your bike. Includes labor for replacement of any and all worn components.

Custom Wheel Builds

We have experienced wheel builders on staff to make your dreams wheel.

  • Labor discounts available when you buy your parts from The Hub.

Frame Prep

We offer frame preparation for optimal component performance and longevity. We offer ½ off frame prep labor with full price installation of related component so you can put that extra money towards better and more durable parts to make your bike run as well as possible.

Mountain bike maintenance

We offer competitive rates for hydraulic brake and suspension services so we can keep your mountain bike in tip top shape so you can get out and ride. Stop in for annual inspections and services to avoid costly failures on the trail.

Internal Gear technologies

We love commuting, commuters and commuter bikes, so we love internal gears. We offer adjustments or full overhauls. We have you covered with the proper tools and experience to keep your hub running smoothly.