Professional Bike Fittings

Professional Bicycle Fitting Systems

At The Hub Bike Co-Op, we know that a proper bicycle fitting is a crucial component of a rider's positive experience, as well as a major part of our mission to provide "All Types of Bikes for All Types of People." That's why we offer extremely thorough (and affordable) professional bike fittings at your convenience.  

Our bicycle fitting team utilizes years of experience, measuring devices, and software to enable us to fit cyclists with a safe and effective position on their bicycle. We use the best parts of multiple fitting systems and decades of riding wisdom to increase comfort, efficiency, endurance, and power. We can also help consult on existing fit issues and on reducing injuries caused by improper fit. We can advise you on fit regarding a current bike or a new bike you may be considering.

Customers interested in purchasing a Complete Fit should email


A thorough examination aimed at maximizing performance, comfort, and/or working with preexisting conditions. Our Advanced Fit delves into all of the nuances of geometry that can affect cycling performance, such as shoe / pedal alignment, knee alignment, and troubleshooting exisiting issues.

Our fits are also a great starting point for holistically treating cycling-related discomfort, from preventing and/or easing knee pain, back pain, saddle discomfort and neck pain. Our Advanced Fits aim to address the following points of emphasis:

  • Reach, Stem Length and Angle
  • Comfort Issues
  • Frame Size
  • Saddle Height and Position
  • Handlebar Size & Position
  • Knee and foot alignment
  • Hip / pelvis rotation
  • Optimal riding posture and form

* Note : installing components and aero-bar setups can have separate and additional service charges.

In addition, purchases of new bike models that are over $1500** qualify the customer for a free Advanced Fitting.

** This means actual purchase price of only the bicycle, not pricing based off MSRP, not including tax, and not including additional accessories.

You can also read our general bike fitting chart to get yourself started!