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Customer Care Package

We’ve got your back.

In this day and age, there are dozens of places to purchase a bicycle.  However, we feel that your local bike shop (LBS) is still the best place because of the protection you get in buying from a shop.  Peace of mind is invaluable.

Here are the assurances you get when buying a NEW bike from The Hub Bike Co-op:

Free Tune-Up:
After you’ve settled into riding your new bike you’ll want to fine tune it so it keeps feeling and riding like new. Bring your bike back to the shop within 90 days of your purchase (our recommendation is 30 days of riding the bike*) so we can make any adjustments necessary. We’ll give your bike our standard Hub tune-up and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

10-15% Off Other Purchases:
New bikes are more fun and useful with accessories like lights, fenders, locks, computers and racks. In order to get you started out right, we offer a 15% discount on any regular-priced parts or accessories*** on the day of purchase.

Free Accessory Installation***
Now that you’ve found a bike and picked out the perfect rack, let us put it all together so you can walk out the door ready to go! We offer free installation on accessories that you buy from us on the same day as the purchase of the bike. (Labor will be done as soon as possible, according to scheduling availability.) If you need to think about it a few days, we offer half price installation of accessories purchased within 30 days from date of purchase.

30-Day Flat Protection:
We want to do everything possible to keep you on your bike, so if you get a flat in the first month, bring it in and we’ll fix it for free.

15-Day Money Back Guarantee****
If you find out it’s just not the bike for you, bring it back within 15 days for a full refund**, provided that the bike is still in new condition.

Bike Fit:
All bike purchases come with a free basic fit. The purchase of any NEW bike also qualifies the customer for $50 off Advanced Fit service. Discounted Advanced Fit services must be scheduled within 90 days of purchase.

*90 calendar days or 30 days of riding, which ever is first. (example: if you ride 5 days a week after 6 weeks that will be 30 days of riding.)

**Installations that require any custom work will be done at a discounted rate. If you return the bike, labor charges for the free accessory installation/alterations of new bike will be charged retroactively and subtracted from the refund of the returned bike. See your friendly Hub mechanics for details.

***Parts and Accessories do NOT include other bikes, frames, trailers, Xtracycle add-ons, labor, or any used items.

****Does not apply to special order bicycles.