As a co-op, we seek to enrich community rather than extract from it.  We have programs
and policies in place to make sure that the Hub is a contributing member of the urban landscape.

We believe you should Shop Co-op, because in doing so, you are helping to Enrich Community.

Community Giving

The Hub is firmly committed to donating labor, money, and merchandise in order to support various
community initiatives throughout the year.  We dedicate 5% of profits to supporting the cycling
community, the community at large, and our environment.

Balanced Staff

We aim to have a balanced staff that reflects our community and creates opportunities for employment
within the community.  All languages are welcome at our shop(s).

Green Business

As part of being responsible citizens, we make a tremendous effort to reduce the use fossil fuels, recycle waste, buy and sell used parts, and using local and eco-friendly products whenever possible.